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Back to the Future Part III

Directed byRobert Zemeckis
Produced byBob Gale, Neil Canton
Screenplay byBob Gale
Story byRobert Zemeckis, Bob Gale
Based onCharacters
by Robert ZemeckisBob Gale
StarringMichael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen, Thomas F. Wilson, Lea Thompson
Music byAlan Silvestri
CinematographyDean Cundey
Edited byArthur SchmidtHarry Keramidas
Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release dateMay 25, 1990
Running time119 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$40 million
Box office$246.1 million

Back to the Future Part III is a 1990 American science fiction western comedy film. It is the third and final installment of the Back to the Future franchise. The film was directed by Robert Zemeckis, and stars Michael J. FoxChristopher LloydMary SteenburgenThomas F. Wilson and Lea Thompson. The film continues immediately following Back to the Future Part II (1989); while stranded in 1955 during his time travel adventures, Marty McFly (Fox) discovers that his friend Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown (Lloyd), trapped in 1885, was killed by Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen (Wilson), Biff‘s great-grandfather. Marty travels to 1885 to rescue Doc and return once again to 1985, but matters are complicated when Doc falls in love with Clara Clayton (Steenburgen).

Back to the Future Part III was filmed in California and Arizona, and was produced on a $40 million budget back-to-back with Part IIPart III was released in the United States on May 25, 1990, six months after the previous instalment, and grossed $244 million worldwide during its initial run, making it the sixth-highest-grossing film of 1990. It received a positive response from critics, who noted it as an improvement over its predecessor.

Back to the Future Part III’s one-star reviews on IMDb

Dull and empty in the extreme.

OfficialKenDodd 12 December 2020

The whole middle section of the movie is pointless.

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Zemeckis must have been asleep writing this.

GollerLoveMovies 9 June 2020

Warning: Spoilers

Back to the Future I stands as my favorite movie ever, and I have a podcast where I review movies.

Back to the Future II has a likeable quality that is so fun to see, even after 2015.

Back to the Future III? One of my least favorite movies EVER. First of all, Zemeckis? Were you even there when this happened? Stupid lessons like “The Future is what you make it” in a movie parents are shocked how inappropriate the first one is!? Also, Doc’s TRAIN comes through time with his wife,an actress I hate seeing, and children Jules & Verne. Maybe I was the one asleep. Let me go rewatch this.

Two Hours Later: Nope, still crap.

Biff wasn’t in this. But his actor was. Mad Dog Tannon is probably the worst movie character ever. He had no likeable qualities.


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A terrible, horrible, no good movie

Digitalbeachbum 10 September 2019

My reviews of Part 1 and 2 explain my dislike for the writing of these movies. Sure they are blockbuster movies from the 80’s and have a powerful comedic chemistry between Fox and Lloyd, but the script is really crappy.

There was no need for a Part 2 or 3 except for a cash grab, leading to the terrible script.

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Nothing happens for most of the movie. Crap!

Tony_salkeld 30 June 2019

Nothing happens once they get to the West. BORING>

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Not an interesting Film

Wu-zi-mu 18 September 2005

I recently saw this movie at the weekend and I just found it a bit lame compared to the other 2 But what should I have expected it was quite an old movie and stuff I was also REALLY disappointed in some bits of like for example when the Delorean gets hit by a train I mean I just really hated the fact that Happened and was so agitated that I just switched the Movie off because I mean come on, Who would ever think of destroying that beautiful Delorean at the end! Whoevers idea it was to destroy it at the end was an idiot of the century I hope he got Fired from the Movie Industry and charged Billions of Dollars!