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Hard To Kill

Hard To Kill 1990
Directed byBruce Malmuth
Produced byGary Adelson, Joel Simon, Bill Todman, Jr.
Written bySteven McKay
StarringSteven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock, Bill Sadler, Frederick Coffin
Music byDavid Michael Frank
CinematographyMatthew F. Leonetti
Edited byJohn F. Link
Lee Rich Productions
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release dateFebruary 9, 1990
Running time96 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$11.5 million
Box office$59 million

Hard to Kill is a 1990 American action thriller film directed by Bruce Malmuth, starring Steven SeagalKelly LeBrockWilliam Sadler and Frederick Coffin. Seagal’s second film after Above the Law, it features him as Mason Storm, a detective who falls into a coma after being shot during a fire-fight that killed his wife. Reawakening seven years later, Storm embarks on a journey to avenge the death of his wife, and expose the corruption of Senator Vernon Trent. The film was released on February 9, 1990, and grossed $59 million.

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Hard to kill is a terrible action film that fails to be good.

Julesdil 30 April 2013

Awful this hard to kill action film was a waste of my time , for a start it does a annoying soundtrack some boring action that is so tame , and acting which fails to be good. Every bit of the plot is standard a group of hit men kill segal although he is still alive then he kills them , then when the action and revenge scenes come it is so tame , only a bit of blood and a group of tame shootouts and the typical , gun , fight , odd quote , just miss it. I think people just don’t agree but they should because many others will hate this film and haaa they should make a good action film , this uggggg get the bin out . overrated 15 certificate for moderate violence.

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Hard to watch

Ogdendc 6 February 2013

Warning: Spoilers

Steven Seagal plays Mason Storm, a Los Angeles detective. We start by seeing him on the dock, spying on people. He demonstrates how hard he is by taking on a gang of armed cartoon hoodlums single handed in a shop and defeating them. We do not appear to be invited to think how ridiculous this is. He then goes home to his beautiful wife and perfect children, whom he prays with, before making love to his beautiful wife. Now we have a group of killers who break in and achieve their goal in regard to the beautiful wife, send Seagal into a 7-year coma but are completely given the slip by a six-year old child.

The official version is that he is now dead, as that is safer for him (!). The patient is renamed John Doe so as not to draw attention. Seven years later, John Doe suddenly comes out of his coma, as you do. The first thing he sees is beautiful nurse Andy Stewart (Kelly Le Brock). He has grown a fake beard but has not lost any muscle tone. Impressive.

LeBrock has a strange accent. I guess that is what comes from being the daughter of a French-Canadian father and an Irish mother, born in New York and raised in London. She is slightly better at acting than Seagal but that isn’t saying much.

Now the bad men have long memories and return to kill people in the hospital. Well everyone except Seagal and LeBrock, because, even fresh out of a seven-year coma, this pair are too smart for an armed professional killer.

So now Seagal sets about his recovery in a beautiful house not acquired on a nurse’s salary – she is housesitting. Acupuncture, new age mumbo jumbo set to an irritating soundtrack. I fast forwarded at this point, even through the inevitable Seagal-LeBrock love scene. Purlease… By the time the action starts (over an hour in but it felt longer) we are all too fed up to care. “I’m sorry but I think your contractor’s doing a lousy job.” He isn’t the only one, love.

There is no humour in this film, no understanding of how ridiculous it is. Unless you count the unintentional humour of “I’m gonna take you to the bank – the blood bank!” I expected the film to be average, and a bit of a product of its time. But it is far worse than that. It is a real turkey. I wondered if it had ever been nominated for anything. It hasn’t, not even a Razzie. Hard to kill? Hard to watch.

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Hard To Kill 1990

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