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1996 Michael
Directed byNora Ephron
Produced bySean Daniel
Nora Ephron
James Jacks
Delia Ephron
Screenplay byNora Ephron
Delia Ephron
Peter Dexter
Jim Quinlan
Story byJim Quinlan
Peter Dexter
StarringJohn Travolta, Andie MacDowell, William Hurt, Bob Hoskins, Robert Pastorelli, Jean Stapleton
Music byRandy Newman
CinematographyJohn Lindley
Edited byGeraldine Peroni
Turner Pictures
Alphaville Films
Distributed byNew Line Cinema
Release dateDecember 25, 1996
Running time104 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$119.7 million[1]
Michael – Trailer

Michael is a 1996 American fantasy film directed by Nora Ephron. The film stars John Travolta as the Archangel Michael, who is sent to Earth to do various tasks, including mending some wounded hearts. The cast also includes Andie MacDowellWilliam HurtBob HoskinsJoey Lauren Adams, and Robert Pastorelli as people who cross Michael’s path.

The original music score was composed by Randy Newman. The dance scene and other location shots were filmed at the community center of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Cornhill, Texas, and on country roads near Walburg, Texas, as well as at Texas’ Gruene Hall.

IMDb’s One Star reviews from the last decade

Hardly any angel wingsMichael 

calvin_macfarland89 1 October 2020

I remembered watching this as a kid in the 90s and finding it oddly charming. Apparently I was a dumb kid because this movie is terrible. I looked up the director and lo and behold, decent track record of slow moving rom-coms but this movie takes the cake. Like, what was even the point? Felt like a road trip from Iowa to Illinois because that’s ultimately what the movie was about. Four characters who eventually explain their backstories to each other to force some character development but don’t worry because their motivations also didn’t make any sense either. John Travolta looks like a bloated pig and I think this movie made him denounce Christianity and join L. Ron Hubbard’s cult. Andi McDowell phones this in more than Hudson Hawk and that’s saying something. Dude from Eraser was the dude from Eraser. And John Hurt people, remember when people thought he should be like a lead actor? Well you see him with his shirt of and its pretty upsetting. Anyway, two thumbs up.

Wrong Subject For Easy Living

ofmanyone 16 July 2020

I hear what people are saying, that this movie shouldn’t be over analyzed or viewed with religious perspective, just enjoyed. Now, I enjoy movies more than most, though I found the fundamental subject in this film to be very poor indeed. See, I view Michael as the literal father of humanity on Earth, and the original prophet of God. He is the ancient of days, the archangel, the co-creator of this world, the man who cast satan out of heaven. To see him portrayed as Lebowski is sincerely disappointing. Personally, I believe that a line was crossed. This was simply the wrong story for one of the greatest men this planet has ever known. When making light of things, some subjects are just off the table.

Religious promotion masquerading as a film

zo-74838 6 July 2020

The religious promotion film makers got some money together and used some actors you have heard of, to dress up their message. Probably the actors were already personally predisposed to get involved for a lower than usual fee.

This is an awful and patronising film. Don’t waste your time watching it. There is nothing else to say.

Skip it a huge waste of time, energy and talent

dan-233-938422 1 January 2020

We watched it in its entirety, every minute thinking with this star power it has to get better. Unfortunately, we were severly disappointed. What a waste of time, talent and energy, the story slowly went nowhere.

An Honest Review

generationofswine 20 June 2019

Andie MacDowell was once the most adorable person in Hollywood wasn’t she? And I mean that as it utterly charming. And the same goes for her performance here, she turns up the charm and does her best to sell the role.

But, unfortunately, Travolta (fresh from his Pulp Fiction rebirth) is playing his Vincent Vega role in the comedy and is entirely out of place throughout it.

Really, if you are a Travolta fan you should just watch Pulp Fiction, it’s basically him doing the same thing in a film where it works and feels appropriate.

Here, well, here you just have Andie MacDowell attempting to charm the film into a success, while Travolta still thinks he’s working with QT.

1996 Michael